Hairystyles Pet Grooming Studio

 1533 Oleander St.
 Medford,Or. 97504

All Breed Pet Grooming
Give Your puppy 
 !Their Day at the Spa

Sometimes you need someone to care as much as you 

Hairystyles Pet Grooming studio is owned and operated by a dedicated animal lover, and I know how important your dog is to you and your family.  That is why the grooming services I offer to Medford pooches are clean, safe, affordable, and enjoyable.  The process begins when a client schedules an appointment with me. When they arrive we discuss the type of groom they want, and I check the condition of the dog's skin, coat, eyes, and ears. This assists me in determining the specific needs for your pet. 


 Full Service Grooms include:

Baths include

  • Cleansing bath to rid coat of oil and    debris ( and I check condition of skin)
  • Rehydrating bath to replace essential  oils to skin and coat
  • Ear cleaning
  • Breed specific and/or owner instructed clip
  • Nail clippingand/or filing
  • De-matting and De-shedding * extra charge
  • Cleansing bath to rid coat of oil and debris
      (also check condition of skin)
  • Rehydrating bathto replace essential oils to         skin and coat
  • Ear cleaning
  • Anal glands cleansing

  • Anal glands cleansing 
  • Nail clipping and/ or filing
​ * Teeth brushing available on request 

*Baths and Grooms are by appointment only.  Please call to make an appointment. I look forward to hearing from you and I will answer any questions you might have regarding my services and to discuss your needs.    
    Many Thanks,
   Tricia McCulloh